Prayer & Fasting

Join us this Wednesday for Prayer

If you are in the Tri-Cities area we encourage you to come and pray with us from 6am – 7am on the church.

The event is finished.




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  1. I’m asking if you can pray for confirmation on a church planting God has put in our hearts for Northern Utah.
    pray for guidance & direction, wisdom !
    my heart has always been draw to the communities of friends, families, that are lost without JESUS in Utah!!
    We are asking for prayers please!
    pray that our children will support us on this journey!!

    thanks so much!!

  2. I am in NJ which is 3 hours ahead of you. I was able to join your on line prayer 9am my time but the last two weeks I am not able to find the live group either on zoom or youtube. What am I doing incorrectly? Not extremely tech savvy. Would like very much to be a part. Thank you

  3. I live in Northern Utah and love this! We need it! My children need help! My family needs help! I need it! Delivery is not talked about here. Ada one year new believer who grew up Mormon I feel the need for deliverance help. I’ve read everything and continue to listen to hungry gen everyday. My husband is listening now and will travel to Washington soon and wants to stop by! Thank you for the work you are doing. If I can help I would love to!

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