Growth Track

Next steps to take at Hungry Generation is Growth Track. Growth track has four steps. In these steps you learn about how to know God, get connected and join the team.
  • Step 1 - Know God

    First Sunday @ 11:30am
    Covers how to become a Christian, how to have a genuine relationship with God, and the importance of water baptism.

  • Step 2 - Get Connected

    Second Sunday @ 11:30am
    Covers the history of our church, how to share your faith with others, and how to get connected to groups.

  • Step 3 - Develop Your Leadership

    Third Sunday @ 11:30am
    You will take the DISC test and learn about different teams where you can serve.

  • Step 4 - Join the Team

    Fourth Sunday @ 11:30am
    Step four is the training on your team you want to serve.