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Rest is a Person and his name is Jesus! True rest is found in Jesus and in his finished work on the cross. Rest is also a principle. Unfortunately at this time of age, we don’t seem to understand that very well. It seems that now people are proud of their lack of sleep; they brag about the amount of …

From Grind to Grace

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Pastor Vlad closes our Embrace Grace Series with a much needed topic, “from Grind to Grace” where #nodaysoff are a things of the past, living in rest is the now.

Begin Your Day with REST, not CAFFEINE

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When I developed the habit of waking up early for prayer, it didn’t start with simply waking up early. It was about going to sleep early. I had to change the time I went to sleep if I wanted to keep my habit of waking up early for devotions. Otherwise, I knew it would not last for more than a …