God’s Chosen Fast

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From Isaiah 58:3-12, I am going to share with you about the way God sees a fast. In Isaiah 58, there are five things God corrects, so there are five things He requires during His fast. When you are beginning to draw closer to the Lord, you have to submit yourself to God’s requirements. Isaiah 58:6 lists the first thing …

Do What You Can For God

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Matthew 20:1-7 says there is plenty of work for everybody. Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. It is ripe. It is ready but what is stopping the faster progress of the work of God on this earth is shortage of laborers. We have unlimited resources; the Bible says God gives His Spirit without measure. The …

The Great Rewarder

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God is the Great Rewarder. He rewards those who seek Him. Rewards don’t come to those who expect them, but those who diligently seek the Lord. He is unlike any other gods. He actually gives BACK to you when you give to Him.