Worship – A place for Him

It’s easy to write about so many different topics. But when it comes to this, how do you write, how do you find the right words, words that can even begin to do justice to the presence of God.

I often wonder if maybe our dictionary, our vast vocabulary is just too limited, have we not yet found the words that are worthy to describe Him, worthy to speak of His presence. Saying this, I am aware that my attempt to speak of Him this will fall short. But I pray that as you read this, in some small way that you gain just a mere glimpse of His glory, of His power, of the beauty of our God. And you too, will be left in awe, in reverence of God Almighty – you too, will respond in worship.

I have the absolute honor and privilege to be apart of our phenomenal worship family where every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday we have the opportunity to lead our congregation and thousands through multiple online avenues to the presence of God through worship. It’s no secret that we as a family are in love with our God. But what may be a secret is our hearts of worship, our lives of worship, our belief of worship, our intimate moments with Him that shine through worship. To us, the stage is just a byproduct of what we carry out in our daily lives. Worship has changed, transformed, healed and delivered each and every single one of us. Worship has become a safe haven, a battlefield, a holy ground, a necessity for life, a saving grace and dwelling place. Worship has become A PLACE of power, a place of HIS presence.

To us, worship is our lives, our every breath.

So what is worship?

By definition worship is the feeling or expression of reverence (honor) and adoration for a deity (God).

I believe I can speak for our worship family when I say we have entered into a season where the true meaning of worship is being challenged, cultivated, and shaped in us not just as a team but primarily in each of our personal lives. Where the belief that worship is 45 minutes during a service, or a stage, song or team has been tossed out. We have come into a season where we have taken God’s word literally when He said:

Come and worship me, “in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24)

As we have come to the realization of what worship is, that worship isn’t a 45 minute stretch during the service before the preacher comes up. But worship is a constant every day, honor and reverence for the presence of God, for who God is, who He was and who He will be.

When we realized we weren’t responsible to just sing a song, to play an instrument, to fill a 45 minute slot; but rather our responsibility became HIS PRESENCE; to live a life of worship, to day in day out, morning, night and day, honor and reverence His glory, to be His levites, to usher in His presence. THERE we had no choice but shift our mindset, to shift our prayer from “God bless this worship set” to beginning every practice, every set, every event with a different kind of prayer.

Now before we even pick up our guitars, our drum sticks, our mics, before we step foot on that stage; first and foremost we come before the Lord and begin our worship – in prayer.

“God cleanse our heart, forgive us for our sins, forgive our motives – intentional and unintentional, wash us clean, cleanse our wrongs, remove anything that may hinder, any offense, any distraction, anything that may hinder Your presence, let us come blameless before You.”

“Lord lead us, become our guidance, let us be in tune with Your voice; let us be the vessel that You use. Let us not step where You have first not gone.”

“God, we come before You with thanksgiving, we thank You, for who You are, for who You have been, for who You will forever be. For Your mercy and Your grace, for Your faithfulness. For what You have brought us through. And for what You are going to do.”

“God You deserve all glory, all praise, all worship, all honor, God You are glorious, You are all power, You are beautiful, You are majestic!”

“Holy spirit, we welcome You into this place; we honor presence, take control, use us, we stand in honor and reverence of You. Do whatever You need and want to do, we worship You.”

“God we ask in this time of worship, that as Your presence comes, as the atmosphere changes, that in Your presence, lives are saved, healed and delivered. That Holy Spirit You take control and do what You will.”

It is in prayer that we begin to make a place for Him. Then comes the stage. Our worship is intimate. It’s a revelation of Who he is, a personal encounter of His presence, of His goodness, of His mercy and grace. A revelation that changes everything we thought we knew, a change that brings us to want to use every talent, every skill, our voices, our hands and feet, our instruments to make a JOYFUL noise, where the honor, the reverence, the overwhelming love we have for our Creator over flows and we can’t help but use every single thing we know to glorify our King. Where we can‚’t help but sing “Holy, Holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty” where we can help but shout, sing and dance of the goodness of our God.

And in worship you will find not only His presence but you will then know that His presence is always occupied with His power and His power breaks every chain, every boundaries, every curse, every shame, His power heals every sickness, every disease, every pain and brokenness. His power changes and transforms, it leaves you renewed and reformed. Worship is just that, as our praise go up His presence comes down and with His presence comes freedom, liberty, love, joy, healing, hope and new life.

Worship isn’t just for the leaders, pastors, musicians and vocalist; worship is for every single one of us.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” Psalms 150:6

You see, worship doesn’t begin on the stage, or at the mic, or the bass or even at the service. Worship is found at a personal revelation of Who he is, it is found in honor and reverence of our King. Once you have encountered Him, you can’t help but kneel and worship. You can’t help but cry out and praise Him. Worship is just a natural reaction to who He is.

He is Holy.

He is Righteous.

He is Worthy.

He is Glorious.

He is God Almighty.

He was, He is, He forever will be.

May we worship Him in spirit and in truth, at every moment of every day; may we live in honor and reverence; as we continue to grow in our love for Him and our relationship with Him where worship is our place, a place for Him. For He truly is the only one who is worthy.

Blog by Alexandra Peiffer
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