Worship Basics and Fundamentals

I am incredibly excited to be sharing about HungryGen Worship with you all today. I hope that after reading this passage you may be able to understand a little bit about what we do and why we do it. HungryGen Worship is the musical extension of HungryGen Church. We operate under the vision of the church and our pastors to see the lives of thousands locally and millions globally completely changed and transformed for Jesus Christ. Our hearts and purpose is to see people living in freedom, deliverance and His divine power through resounding the melodies of heaven in our worship as He inhabits the praises of His people. Each of us has made the decision to be set apart and used for the Kingdom of God by being a part of our HungryGen Worship Family whole-heartedly.

We strongly believe in acknowledging each other as family because the word says that God called us his children, therefore, we do our best to be there for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. With the Family aspect, it shifts the focus off of just the characteristics of your skills and looks more towards your performance as being a result of your character. With all that said, lets look into some of the standards and expectations we hold here at HungryGen Worship.

Spiritual Expectations

In our worship family we implement a lot of accountability so we are continually helping each other grow closer to God and closer to our destiny. We believe that in order to lead from the stage we must first learn how to lead ourselves in private by becoming the Worship Leader of our own lives. Worship is a powerful key used to create a dynamic atmosphere that allows Holy Spirit to work and remove every chain, bondage and curse. In order for us to acquire that key we must first be filled and led by the Holy Spirit. At HungryGen Worship a standard of expectations are needed to build a strong worship family based off of the teachings from the word of God through spiritual and practical fundamentals which include the following:

  1. Prayer – Prayer is essential in the life of a Christian leader. There is power in prayer and God moves in response to prayers. Our prayer is not powerful because of us, but because of the power that is in the God we pray to. It does not matter how skilled or gifted we are, none of our attributes compare to Gods and when we lead people it cannot come from our own knowledge and strength, but from the Lord. Prayer helps us to make sure we are leading from God’s wisdom and power.
  2. Devotions – When you make the daily decision to start it with Holy Spirit, you are more likely to consciously walk along side of Him through the rest of your day. Every day we must make an intentional effort to cover ourselves in the armor of God. Our HG Worship Leadership Team does devotions together so we may keep each other accountable and help one another to build a solid foundation under the guidance of Holy Spirit on a regular basis.

Practical Expectations

Aside from the Spiritual expectations there is also a practical side of things. HG Worship raises leaders who are equally equipped on a musically skilled and spiritual level. We hold rehearsal every Tuesday evening at 5:30pm and 7:00pm, Wednesday before service at 4:30pm, Friday before our prayer service at 6:00pm and Sunday morning before service at 6am. We encourage everyone to invest in their Time, Treasure and Talent by doing the following:

  1. Time – Each of us have the same 24 hours in a day, however, each individual spends their time differently. Some more wise than others. We strongly encourage everyone on our team to invest time in their skills. We believe in doing everything with a spirit of excellence since we serve an excellent God. Although we will never be perfect in our craft, we can always become better and the more we become comfortable with our skills the more liberty we have to move in the spirit. If you are a vocalists or a musician, take 20-30 minutes out of your day to practice and improve on your skills. In the long run all of that accumulated time will help bring you to a new level in your musicianship which will benefit the team and the time of praise and worship. An addition, punctuality is also very important to how we spend our time. Showing up consistently late reveals a characteristic where one’s time is clearly more important than the rest. We must yield to the Holy Spirit and move according to his timing.
  2. Treasure – If someone is financially able, we encourage our HG Worship members to invest in lessons to improve in their musicianship. Music is constantly evolving and we want to evolve as well. With private lessons the student can receive more one on one attention and be explained with better detail of where they lie in their skill level. Lessons can also produce a sense of accountability, because you have someone who is dedicated specifically to you and is there to give you constructive criticism and guidance concerning your capabilities. This goes for both musicians and vocalists. We believe that if you learn how to be a committed student then you can become a dedicated teacher and our desire is to raise everyone into leaders.
  3. Talent – Firstly, we owe all of our talents to God. He gives us the gifts and it is up to us on what we decide to do with those gifts. There is no better place to invest your talent than in the kingdom of God. Talent is great, but when you mix talent with anointing and the Spirit of the Lord, you have an unstoppable force. We desire to use our talents and gifts as tools for Holy Spirit to use to bring divine healing, breakthrough and the glory of God to fill every heart that is present. Our talents were not given to us to glorify us, but to glorify the one who has blessed us with them. We will live fulfilling lives if we use our gifts and talents to serve God and others than to serve ourselves.

Holy Spirit does not wait on us, we wait on Him. If you are not present when He wants to move then He will move in His presence without you.

HG Worship is a group of ordinary people who desire an extraordinary life in pursuit of the Holy Spirit’s leading. Putting our standards into practice has helped our Worship Fam grow into what it is today and we hope to cultivate a culture of people who learn together along with Holy Spirit through his guidance and teachings. Thank you to everyone who has supported us we are so excited to share what God has in store for our future!

Written By: Alexandra Peiffer

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