Who We Are

Our vision is to bring
salvation to this generation.

Image of Vasiliy & Lyubov Parkhotyuk

Vasiliy & Lyubov Parkhotyuk

Founding Pastors

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Image of Vlad & Lana Savchuk

Vlad & Lana Savchuk

Lead Pastors

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Image of Ilya & Mariana Parkhotyuk

Ilya & Mariana Parkhotyuk

Associate Pastors

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Image of Martin & Silvia Parkhotyuk

Martin & Silvia Parkhotyuk

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Image of Rikhard & Brittany Hartikainen

Rikhard & Brittany Hartikainen

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Image of Ivan & Julie Semenyuk

Ivan & Julie Semenyuk

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Image of Leo & Larisa Parkhotyuk

Leo & Larisa Parkhotyuk

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Image of Bryson & Priscilla Still

Bryson & Priscilla Still

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Image of Rudy & Erika Perez

Rudy & Erika Perez

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Image of Casey &  Slack

Casey Slack

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Image of Zack &  Parkhotyuk

Zack Parkhotyuk

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Our History

Hungry Generation was birthed from a vision in the heart of Pastor Vasiliy to help people who: don’t know God, have had a church experience void of a connection with God, and for those in need of freedom and healing from their past. The church was founded in 2001, shortly after Pastor Vasiliy immigrated from Ukraine to Tri-Cities, WA. In August of 2003, we purchased the property in Pasco, which became our home base.

From the beginning, Pastor Vasiliy has had the vision to raise the younger generation. He poured into teenagers to become ministers at a very young age. Vlad became a youth leader at the age of 16, and for 14 years, that youth group became the church that we see today. In 2016 at the age of 30, Pastor Vlad became the lead pastor of HungryGen alongside our dynamic pastors and leaders team.