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Draw Near To God

How To Go From Guilt To Grace With God Every true Christian’s earnest desire is to draw near to God

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Go All In

A Life Committed to God’s Kingdom As I dive into the powerful words of James 4:4-5 and Hebrews 12:28-29, I

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Marriage Myths Debunked

Falsified Facts Mislead Marriages As a couple we have not only navigated the waters of matrimony for 29 years but

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Autoimmune Disease

The Church Must Develop Critical Thinking Not A Critical Spirit In the realm of faith, Christians are urged to engage

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Assembly Required

The Church Must Assemble To Be The Church In the tapestry of Christian theology and practice, the term “church” carries

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The Benefits Of Fasting

The Mindset Of Fasting I want to discourage your from adopting the mindset of a quitter. People often forget or

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Becoming Worthy Of A Blessing

Positioning Yourself To Be Blessed Receiving a blessing is a result of intentional positioning. Blessing doesn’t come to everybody who

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Prayer Makes All the Difference

The Importance Of Coming Back To Prayer The Church is called the House of Prayer. Christians know that there is

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Rhythm Of Revival

Revival Is A River When people picture a revival, the image that comes into their minds is something like a

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Go Deeper With The Holy Spirit

The Temple Of The Holy Spirit Prophet Ezekiel had a vision concerning the future and the temple of God. He

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Kingdom Prosperity

Prosperity From The Perspective of God’s Kingdom Many images and feelings can arise when you hear the word ‘prosperity’ in

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The Lord Needs It

Jesus Is Lord In the Scriptures, we usually see that Jesus Christ walked everywhere He went. However, when He entered

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