Everett Roeth • April 25, 2021





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  1. Hi Everett! I hope you’re having a wonderful day 🙂
    I just watched your YT video “The Core Beliefs of New Age exposed.” Awesome teaching!!!
    I’ve watched so many testimonies over the past few years about New Age to Jesus, it’s inspiring. I truly believe God is using you to save souls through your past.
    I really enjoyed your teaching. I was not too deep into too many things but I wore crystals in high school ( It was a trend) & was quite taken with witches back then! (The Craft) and as I got older in my 20’s became an astrology whiz, did a bit of yoga and the final chapter was literally in the last year was watching videos about tarot cards. I quickly let that go as I was called to the Lord & grew closer to Jesus again last year, after a full backslide.
    My journey with Jesus had come full circle I have grown with Him over 2019- now. Recently, I’m so desperately seeking friends that love Jesus & I’ve been praying because all I currently have is friends from my past who I constantly end up in deep sometimes heated discussions about salvation, relationships, convictions etc. or I spend time alone. ( as I know He calls me to be).

    I look forward to joining you for virtual service. Just wanted to say hello & say God Bless you. And thank you so much for your work! Many many blessings. In the mighty name of our Savior Jesus!

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