Assembly Required

Vladimir Savchuk


January 29, 2024





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Sermon Notes

Today’s message is a reminder that we are not merely individuals but a unified body—a church called to assemble and worship together. In Hebrews 10:25, we’re urged not to forsake gathering, for in our togetherness, we find strength, encouragement, and the power of worship that Jesus promised in Matthew 18:20. The Bible consistently emphasizes the importance of communal activities, teaching, and sharing in the context of a church that regularly gathers. Acts 2 illustrates the vitality of believers being baptized and added to the church, showing that salvation is intimately connected to community. As we reflect on the persecutions faced by the early church, we see the unwavering support and constant prayers offered by the church. The numerous benefits of attending church, from lower mortality rates to healthier immune systems, underscore the holistic impact of our communal worship. Let us be mindful of the company we keep, recognizing that bad associations can corrupt good habits. Small groups within our church provide avenues for fellowship, evangelism, learning, ministry, and training, echoing the biblical examples of Abraham, Moses, and the early Christian gatherings in homes.