The Way of Wisdom

Vlad Savchuk


June 10, 2024





Sermon Notes

The sermon on “The Value of Wisdom” underscores the importance of wisdom as a divine gift that leads to a life of prosperity, security, and right action. The fear of the Lord is highlighted as the foundation of wisdom, emphasizing the reverence and obedience to God as crucial for attaining true wisdom.

The sermon categorizes people into three groups: the wise, the foolish, and the evil, each with distinct characteristics and ways of relating to others. Wisdom is portrayed as a quality that prepares for the future without procrastination, as seen in examples like the ant’s diligence in gathering food. The consequences of lacking wisdom, such as poverty, unfulfilled needs, and dependency on others, are outlined to underscore the importance of being proactive and prepared.

Additionally, wisdom is depicted as a moral quality that guides individuals to flee from temptation and avoid situations that lead to sin. The sermon emphasizes the significance of making wise decisions that align with God’s teachings and principles, rather than simply avoiding what is wrong. It encourages individuals to consider not only whether something is morally right but also whether it is wise in the grand scheme of things.

Overall, the sermon highlights the transformative power of wisdom in shaping one’s character, actions, and relationship with God, emphasizing the importance of seeking wisdom in all aspects of life to live according to faith principles.