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By Faith We Understand

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Where is your faith at? We all go through instances where our faith is shaken up. Many times throughout life, we don’t understand why things happen. Maybe today you are at a point where you feel like God didn’t come through for you or He abandoned you. Your prayer wasn’t answered. You experienced loss. Your faith was lost. Pastor Vlad shares an encouraging, but sharpening, message on having FAITH even when you DON’T understand. May it bless you, build you, inspire you, and help you.

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  1. It’s wonderful to hear you from U-tube as you preach about witchcraft’ I believe what you said by the spirit of GOD, and I shared it with my friends. I will like to hear more from the pulpit Anointing that GOD Have given to you.
    Let the fire of His word be brightened the more with you, Shalom.

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