Draw Near to God

Vladimir Savchuk


February 27, 2024





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Sermon Notes

The sermon, titled “Draw Near to God” by Vlad, explores the intentional steps believers must take to draw closer to God. It emphasizes that drawing near to God is not a passive drift but a purposeful choice. The key points include:

  1. Drifting to Drawing: Believers are encouraged to draw near to God intentionally, involving their feet (where they go), hands (what they do), heart (their inner self), and mouth (what they speak). Intimacy with God requires intentional effort.
  2. Condemnation to Conviction: The sermon distinguishes between conviction by the Holy Spirit and condemnation from the devil. Conviction addresses specific issues and leads to hope and repentance, while condemnation attacks one’s identity and brings hopelessness.
  3. Concealing to Confessing: Sin is likened to darkness, and the importance of confessing sins to God is highlighted. Waiting until facing consequences is discouraged, emphasizing the need for continuous repentance.
  4. Guilt to Grace: The transformative power of grace is discussed, emphasizing that grace empowers holiness. Living in grace encourages better training rather than striving in guilt.
  5. Feeling to Feeding: The importance of balancing Scripture and the Holy Spirit is emphasized. The distinction between “logos” (the message) and “rhema” (specific communication) is explored. The role of the written word (logos) as the foundation of faith and the spoken word (rhema) as heaven’s approval for the supernatural is discussed.

The overall message encourages believers to approach God intentionally, embracing conviction over condemnation, confessing sins, relying on grace for transformation, and staying connected through both Scripture and the Spirit.