Vladimir Savchuk • March 9, 2020





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God Will Make a Way

Vlad Savchuk Faith, Sermons 2 Comments

Pastor Vlad shared a very powerful sermon from our Sunday evening service, your life will be blessed because of it.

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  1. Pastor Clad and Church family,
    I recently. watched a YouTube video on The Holy Spirit and was touched and never
    heard of Vlad but heard that you are from Ukraine. I’ve made two mission trips to orphanages in Kiliya and Rivne Ukraine.
    I’m a retired and refired special education teacher and worked with awesome children in Ukraine.
    I heard you may be going to Ukraine quite by chance and wondered if this is a mission trip or and if you needed any help. Currently living in California and looking forward to hearing more about your plans for Ukraine. Part of my heart is still there with those desperate children who were very hungry to know God even when the orphanage refused to let them go to church, they did allow us to give testimonies, witnessing and prayer.


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