Kingdom Prosperity

Everett Roeth


January 23, 2024





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Sermon Notes

The sermon delves into the intricate connection between purpose and provision in God’s plan, drawing from diverse biblical narratives. It underscores the significance of discerning one’s purpose and recognizing God as the ultimate provider. The experiences of figures like John, Job, Isaac, and Solomon exemplify how God’s blessings align with fulfilling one’s purpose. The sermon elucidates several key points:

  1. Designated Purpose and Provision: Every individual possesses a specific purpose, and God’s provision aligns with this purpose. The example of John’s exile on Patmos illustrates how God’s plan unfolds unexpectedly.
  2. Diverse Forms of Provision: God’s provision manifests in various forms, including financial prosperity. The sermon challenges the notion that wealth equates to a lack of godliness, advocating for perceiving wealth as an avenue to build heavenly prosperity.
  3. Guarding Against Monetary Pitfalls: There’s a cautionary emphasis on the dangers associated with money. The sermon advises against developing an unhealthy attachment, trusting in wealth, acquiring it immorally, or succumbing to deception, with scriptural references reinforcing these warnings.
  4. Financial Prosperity with Eternal Impact: Congregants are encouraged to view financial prosperity as an opportunity to accumulate heavenly treasures. Passages from Luke and Philippians underscore the idea that giving and receiving contribute to one’s spiritual account.
  5. Utilizing Gifts for God’s Purposes: The sermon concludes by referencing Romans 12:6-8, highlighting the diverse gifts bestowed by God for various purposes. Believers are urged to employ their unique abilities in serving others and fulfilling their roles within God’s overarching design.

In essence, the sermon seeks to offer a holistic understanding of how purpose, provision, and wealth intertwine within God’s grand plan, emphasizing the eternal implications of financial prosperity.