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Paddling of Prayer

Paddling of Prayer

Vlad Savchuk Andy Douglas, Sermons, Speaker 2 Comments

Pastor Vlad shared a powerful message on Paddling of Prayer from his series There is More. God wants us to live a lifestyle of prayer where we fight according to the prophecies that were spoken into our lives. Prayer of a thousand of years is not lost. Let your prayer life be strengthened as you listen to this message.

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Paddling of Prayer

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  1. Greetings in Christ!

    I have been greatly blessed by this ministry. Please pray for me because I have not been able to sleep for over 10 years with just about 2-3 hours a night of sleep. I believe it is a Demonic attack of Fear thru some kind of witchcraft as my sister keeps seeing a demon sitting on top of my head. Thank you I believe that God uses this ministry!

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