Vladimir Savchuk • April 13, 2020





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Planted, Not Buried

Vlad Savchuk Faith, Inspiration, Peace, Sermons, Suffering 3 Comments

Pastor Vlad continues the sermon series “While in Quarantine”. He speaks on the importance of having the right perspective during a season of trials.

*If you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior for the first time, please go to www.hungrygen.com/vip

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  1. Oh my God, pastor Vlad and the entire Hungry generation church are amazing, I stumble into one of your videos late last year and ever since then I have remain a committed follower, I am a Nigerian living in Israel presently but I must confess the hungry generation platform has really help restore my relationship with God, so many changes happening sporadically to me recently and I will ever remain greatfull that I met you guys.
    I wonder if this amazing messages are on mp3 for download I would have wish to have them for my people in west Africa most especially my country Nigeria.
    God bless pastor Vlad and entire Hungry generation church worldwide.


    1. Post

      yes. you can download it via podcast any place like Google Podcast or Apple Podcast or SoundCloud. You can download them there for free.

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