Stand With Israel

Joel Richardson


January 23, 2024





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Sermon Notes

This sermon highlights the biblical theme of God’s favoritism toward the poor, emphasizing various passages that underscore God’s compassion for the needy. Psalm 72 is referenced to illustrate how the Lord delivers and has compassion on the poor and needy. The sermon also draws attention to Jesus’ ministry to the poor, using Luke 4:18 to demonstrate the validation of His mission through serving the less privileged.

The message further explores the concept that the family of God is comprised of the weak and foolish, as stated by Jesus in Matthew 11:25–26. Additionally, it defines national Israel as poor, using a passage that speaks about the restoration of Judah and Jerusalem and God’s judgment on those who have mistreated His people.

Overall, the sermon seeks to convey the biblical principle that God has a special concern for the poor and calls believers to emulate this compassion in their own lives.