The Theology of Work 

Vladimir Savchuk


January 23, 2024





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Sermon Notes

This sermon explores the concept of work in the context of biblical teachings. It begins by emphasizing that God created humans to work with Him in the world, and work should be seen as a purpose rather than just a means for a paycheck. The sermon highlights how sin has affected the workplace, bringing pain, struggle, and various challenges.

The message emphasizes that salvation is not achieved through good works but rather for good works, and believers are encouraged to bring the gospel into their workplaces. The importance of working as if God is the ultimate boss is stressed, promising not only a paycheck but also a heavenly reward.

The sermon challenges the notion of retirement, suggesting that individuals should continue to find purposeful work even after retiring from a job. Overall, the message encourages a perspective that sees work as a sacred and meaningful endeavor, an opportunity to serve God and others, and a way to use one’s skills for building God’s kingdom.