The Threshing Floor

Vlad Savchuk


March 17, 2024




Sermon Notes

This sermon highlights several key points about getting your fire back.

  1. God’s Presence Rests on People: Emphasizing that God values individuals over methods or programs in the church.
  2. The Threshing Floor Analogy: Drawing from the story of Uzzah and the threshing floor, the sermon illustrates how God separates believers from the “chaff” of the world’s influence through testing and refining.
  3. Maintaining Expectations of God: Encouraging believers not to limit their expectations of God to a single experience but to remain open to His ongoing work in their lives.
  4. Continuous Improvement in Worship: Using David’s example of celebrating the return of the ark, the sermon urges worshippers to continually seek deeper, more sincere expressions of worship.
  5. The Link Between Passion, Intimacy, and Fruit: Stressing the importance of passion in spiritual life, the sermon warns against becoming passive spectators and emphasizes that passion leads to intimacy with God, which ultimately bears fruit.

Through these points, the sermon encourages believers to embrace testing and refinement, maintain high expectations of God, continually improve their worship, and cultivate passion and intimacy in their spiritual lives.