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What does HELL Look Like?

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Watch as Bill Wiese explains about his vision of hell. On November 23, 1998 Bill had an out-of-body experience which falls under the classification of a ‘vision”. It was not a dream or a near death experience. The Lord chose to take him to hell in his spirit body. He had been a Christian for 28 years with a love for God’s Word but had never studied the topic of hell.

In 2005 he was approached by Charisma House to write a book about his experience. To date, the book has been published in 14 languages. His wife Annette and him founded Soul Choice Ministries in 2000 for the purpose of spreading the gospel the of Jesus Christ. With hundreds of requests to share “23 Minutes in Hell,” they left their careers in 2007 to enter full-time ministry.

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What does HELL Look Like?

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  1. The sad and most disturbing issue about Bill Wiese and his encounter of hell is the way he describes how cruel and devastating it is – no rest, no food, no water – total torment of torture in burning flame all the time and forever in eternity. He makes God out as the worst sadistic, morbid and sick monster that would do this for all eternity to a creation that is made in his image. Whenever God dealt with the wicked and evil, he wiped them out either by a death in a flood, or a death by destroying Sodom and Gomorrah or a Lake of Fire, described as a second death….He never stood by and tormented and tortured them, that is not his true nature. He just eliminated them until time of resurrection and judgment. Even Paul the Apostle says the wages of sin is death….not an eternal torment that last forever! God does not torment or torture as this is not his true character. Bill Wiese tells us that death does not mean a permanent death but death means only a separation from God. I looked up the word “death” in my Greek/Hebrew word study bible and the Greek word for death is “thanatos” which means death or dead and nothing else. Bill should do a better job interpreting the bible better than this! What Bill does not understand is the punishment in hell (Gehenna) is the effects of the punishment is eternal and will never be again after the punishment runs it’s course and is not an eternal punishing that last forever. It is an everlasting punishment, not an everlasting punishing…there is a difference here! Bill Wiese maligns, denigrates, calumniates and destroys the character and true nature of God and that is the main reason I detest his message with his encounter with hell. God created this place alone, no angels or even Satan did not create hell and he did this just to drive someone insane with this form of pain and torture that lasts for all eternity. The best thing God will do to the wicked and evils is to eliminate them altogether and the bible tells us in many areas that is what God will do….but to torture and torment forever and ever…Come on! Quit making out God as a cynical, sick, angry, vengeful and shear evil entity of which Almighty God is not!! It is Satan who would love to have God’s creation of man be tormented and tortured forever and that is what Bill is doing – promoting Satan’s agenda on this subject. God will deal with the wicked and evil justly as he sees fit and it is not an eternal torture and torment that last forever!

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