Why You Can Believe The Bible

Everett Roeth


March 17, 2024





Sermon Notes

This sermon highlights the intentional and purposeful composition of the Bible, involving key figures like eyewitnesses and ministers of the word. The speaker speaks of the importance of conviction in sharing the gospel as an act of worship, gratitude, and love. Urgency in spreading the message is encouraged, and mobilizing Christians in various settings is suggested.

The sermon supports its claims with archaeological evidence, showcasing artifacts like the Bethlehem Bulla, Pontius Pilate Stone, Seal of Hezekiah, and Alexamenos Graffiti. By comparing the Bible to other religious texts, the speaker underscores its extensive historical evidence.

The proximity of the New Testament to the events it describes is emphasized, with early manuscripts dating back to 125 AD. Prophecies fulfilled by Jesus are outlined, affirming the Bible’s divine inspiration. The speaker introduces mathematical probabilities to highlight the statistical improbability of these prophecies occurring by chance.

The sermon concludes by underscoring the abundance of New Testament manuscripts, providing a robust foundation for the Bible’s authenticity. The inclusion of a drone video of the Dead Sea Scrolls and an image of the Isaiah Scroll further bolsters the argument for the Bible’s reliability.