2018 Annual Report

Just like that, 2018 has come to a close and let’s just say it was quite the ride this year. God exceeded our expectations and we have the numbers to prove it. So let’s dive into the stats because, we are just too excited to share with you the things that were implemented in the last year.

This year we added Growth Track a 3 – Step program designed to help you discover your gifts and talents so you can serve in the ministry where you can flourish and serve to the best of your ability. Thanks to Growth Track we have seen an increase of members become more involved with serving, therefore, creating a sense of family and belonging. We encourage our members to not only attend service, but to serve as well. We believe that serving helps people to plant themselves in their local church. 

In 2018 a second service was added to Sunday and in 2019 we will add a 3rd service! This year 727 new people visited HungryGen Church. We saw a combination of 442 salvations from both our Sunday and Wednesday services making that a 194% increase since last year. We also had 321 people on average an attendance making that a 70% increase in our attendance here at HungryGen and 51 people were water baptized this year. That is a 100% increase since 2017.

For 2018 we hosted two conferences, the Raised to Deliver Conference with Apostle John Chi and the Holy Spirit Conference with Andres Bisonni. We give all the glory to God for the 144 people that received salvation in our conferences. This year we launched two internships. One internship program was for teens throughout the Summer and the second was a nine month long program for young adults which will end in the new year with our anual mission trip to Guatemala. This will be the first time ever that we have interns participating in a mission trip. Speaking of which, the Guatemala mission trip was another highlight from this past year. We had a team of individuals who traveled to Guatemala to help renovate and build new homes. One of our members held a class for those pursuing a career in hairstyling and most importantly our team witnessed many miracles and salvations for Jesus Christ. We cannot wait to see how God uses our team this upcoming year with our interns in Guatemala. Our team had the privilege of going on 3 international trips and 26 trips around the USA, but God is not finished there. We believe the international takeover has barely begun. Our mission is to see people saved for the glory of God all over the world. So be ready to see how God will open doors for travel this upcoming year.

Social media has been a powerful tool that HungryGen uses to reach the masses. On Instagram we reached 10,600 followers, on Facebook we reached 38,874 likes and a whopping 98,000 subscribers on YouTube. Our website www.hungrygen.com reached an all time number of visits with over 196,000 views and our HungryGen podcast was played over 468,000 times. We give glory to God for making a way through many platforms to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

We believe that God has called us to reach thousands of people locally and millions globally through different outlets. This past year we bagan to see this vision come to life through HungryGen Worship with the release of 3 singles and 1 EP. Our music reached 366,000 streams on Spotify, 112,000 streams on Apple Music and 160,000 streams on other platforms. For this upcoming year we are starting it off by dropping one of our originals Hosanna as an unplugged version in both English and Spanish and by April we will be releasing another worship EP just in time for the Raised to Deliver conference with Apostle John Chi. You can visit any major music platform such as iTunes, Spotify or GooglePlay to listen today and be a part of the thousands of listeners worldwide and join us in praise and worship wherever you are.

Here at HungryGen we believe in creating a culture of people who live generous lives. In 2018 we saw a 100% increase in the number of people who gave to HungryGen. We want to give a special thanks to the 921 people who gave to our ministry this last year, because of their generosity, $134,150 was given to charity, missions and other ministries making that a 21% growth from 2017. Also, 6 hard working volunteers were given a car that was donated by a member of HungryGen. The generous hearts just keep growing and growing. In 2019 we believe that our giving is going to go into a whole new level that will further grow and bless the kingdom of God.

If you are a local or you have been around our church recently, you may have noticed that our building has had a major face-lift from the inside out. $20,000 was used for the Kids Zone , $8,500 for the entrance and $38,500 for the stucco. We are so grateful for all of the volunteers who came out to assist in the remodeling of our church. Because of their helping hand, we were able to cut down costs and still achieve a quality job for a quality God.

With more exciting news, this year was not only special for our church as a whole, but also very exciting for our dear Pastor, Vladimir Savchuk, who officially became an author with the release of his powerful book, Break Free. Break Free not only explains how to become free, but also teaches you how to stay free. It is transparent, yet easy to follow and undeniably pact with raw truth. You can order your copy today on Apple Books, Amazon or at HungryGen Church if you are local. The book is available in both English and Russian and will soon be available in Spanish for our Spanish speaking audience. With all the buzz on the book, the young author still has more in store for his new readers and future ones to come with a compelling book currently in the works about singleness. Keep up with Pastor Vlad by visiting our website www.hungrygen.com or follow him on instagram @vladhungrygen for more updates on the release of all his future projects, sermons and speaking engagements that might be in a city near you. 

So with all that said here is a quick run down of what we are believing to see God do in 2019 here at HungryGen.

  • 500 Salvations
  • Break 600 in attendance
  • Baptize 100 people
  • Add a 3rd weekend service
  • Produce 2 HungryGen Worship albums
  • Host 2 conferences
  • Go on a mission trip
  • Expand internship
  • Launch HG Partnership
  • Change the carpet, upgrade cameras & parking
  • Find a new facility
  • Start a branch in Seattle
  • Add a medical doctor on our team

As you can see God has been too good to us this year and honestly, what did we expect? He is truly faithful and always comes through with his promises. All the glory and honor goes to him for everything he has done and will continue to do. Thank you to those who have served faithfully with all of their heart, whether it was big or small, we are grateful. Let us continue to grow and serve together in 2019 and watch how God will take us from glory to glory. We believe in having big dreams because we serve a big God who does big things.

So welcome 2019, we’ve been waiting all year for you.

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