Take The Battle Into The Spiritual Realm

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Deliverance has been demonized in the church and it’s time to deliver the demonized instead of demonizing deliverance. God wants to build maturity and strength in us. If you get delivered and you don’t get plugged into church you miss the point of your deliverance. This is to equip you to serve God in your local church. God is making …

How to Change Your Mind

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Mind management is the most important thing for a believer because your success doesn’t start on the outside, it starts on the inside. Apostle John says I pray you will be in good health and prosper as your mind prospers, as your soul prospers. That means we cannot prosper on the outside permanently if we are broken on the inside.  …

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

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Pastor Vlad finished his sermon series on “There is More” with a message titled “Rules of Engagement”. He began to speak on how many of us live in the spiritual world but only a few are engaged in spiritual warfare. That natural war kills people but spiritual war kills evil. He began to share the story of Joshua how God …