9 Truths About Financial Sacrifice

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If you haven’t discovered by now, obedience takes a lot of sacrifice. Sacrifice sometimes hurts us to our core and can often leave us feeling a little vulnerable and exposed especially when it comes to our finances. Sacrifice that does not spring from obedience to the Lord will not be accepted by Him. Many people who will live a life …

5 Reasons to Sacrifice

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There are three things you can do with your life, waste it by living selfishly, wreck it by living sinfully or give your life away by living sacrificially. T.C. Studd said, “Only one life, will soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.” Famous missionary Jim Elliot said powerful words, “No fool is man who gives what he …

3 Keys to an Excellent Sacrifice

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Since the fall of man, sacrifices were offered to God for a variety of reasons. The first time we see sacrifice is in Genesis 4 when Cain and Abel presented their sacrifices to the Lord. Their sacrifice was an offering to God out of thankfulness for God‚Äôs provision with the crops and livestock. Writer of Hebrews sheds more light on …

Being Rich in What Matters Most

Being Rich in What Matters Most

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The theme for this sermon has been borrowed from Andy Stanleys book “Be Rich‚Äù. Pastor Vlad started a new series called BE RICH focusing on Being Richer in What Matters Most. God called us to give, share and love. As we focus on generosity, we reveal God‚Äôs heart.

The Power of Vision

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Awhile back, I went horseback riding and the instructor told me that the horse will eventually go the direction the rider is constantly looking.¬† I believe that principle applies to our lives as well. What we constantly see – the images/thoughts of victory or defeat, success or failure, plenty or lack, prosperity or poverty – will eventually bring us to …

Money matters

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The Bible has 2350 verses on money, which is twice as much as on faith and prayer combined. 15% of Jesus’ teachings were about money. That is more than hell and Heaven combined. The only subject Jesus spoke about more than money was on the Kingdom of God. It‚Äôs true, money can not buy you everything! Money can buy a …