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The Battlefield Of The Mind

The Journey Of Deliverance Many ministries believe in one or two of these parts of the journey of deliverance. The

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Family first – Christmas Service

Merry Christmas Hungry Generation Family! The reason for this season is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Family Under Attack

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The Temple of God

The Old Covenant Temple As Christians, we are the temple of God. In the Old Testament, God Almighty established with

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Deliverance is Final

Oftentimes after deliverance we can still feel bound! In this teaching you will learn why this is and how to

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Serving In Your Struggle

1 Kings 17:8, “Then the word of the Lord came to him, saying, “Arise, go to Zarephath, which belongs to

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Serving in Struggle

It is time to learn the key to breakthrough in times of difficulty! Check out this message as Pastor Rikhard

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Spiritual Protection

Just as a computer has various firewalls, so we also have firewalls to protect ourselves from spiritual attacks! Check out this

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Our Firewall

Three Types Of Spiritual Firewall A firewall is a device that stops malicious internet traffic from entering a computer network.

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Private Victory

Before you defeat Goliath you have to battle the bear! Check out this sermon where Pastor Rikhard Hartikainen explain how

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Private Victories

How To Win Public Battles Many of us today are looking at the great men of God around us and

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Deserts & Gardens

Everyone has walked or will walk through the wilderness at some point in life! The key is to know which

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Deserts And Gardens

Understanding The Wilderness Experience People misinterpret the wilderness experiences that they go through. Have you been through a wilderness experience

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