Deliverance Is Real

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Miracles, including deliverances and healings, were the proof that the scriptures were true in the days of the Bible and they still are today. If we want the millions of this generation to believe, they must see proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. I believe God will prove Himself in your life today. Philippians 2:9-10 …

Jesus is in Your Boat

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In this message Pastor Jason will encourage your faith to believe God can still provide a miracle in the darkest season! When the disciples thought the storm would over take them Jesus was there to calm the storm and remind them that, though the boat was in the storm, the storm was not in the boat!

Boy Dies. Mom Prays. Boy Comes Back To Life.

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Modern Day Resurrection On January 19th 2015, John Smith fell through ice and drowned. He was dead for over an hour. His mother walked into his room in the hospital and prayed, ‘Lord Jesus, bring my son back to life’ and instantly, John Smith came back to life. Just over two weeks later, John walked out of the hospital with …

Deserts And Gardens

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Understanding The Wilderness Experience People misinterpret the wilderness experiences that they go through. Have you been through a wilderness experience in life? Are you going through a wilderness now? A wilderness is a locale for intense experiences, stark need for food and water, isolation, danger, divine deliverance, renewal, encounters with God and the revelation of the divine name. What signifies …