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Build the Kingdom

We are blessed to be a blessing! Learn in this message how our generosity is key to building God’s Kingdom

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Wild Anointing

God doesn’t use you, He anoints you! In this message Pastor Vlad explains what the anointing is for and how

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Never Alone

You are never alone! Learn the reality of the omnipresence of God in this message!

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Cultivate Intimacy

Cultivating Intimacy With God Today, I want to give you a Word to help you cultivate an intimate relationship with

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Gone Fishing

Deliverance is just a step in discipleship. We don’t live from deliverance to deliverance. It is vital that as a

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Deliver And Disciple

Can I Deliver And Disciple Well Jesus’ ministry was to the masses through miracles, signs, and wonders, and by multiplying

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Deliver and Disciple

Jesus ministered to the masses but multiplied with intentionality! We must be ready to do deliverance but also effectively disciple!

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Featured image for 'Christian Wellness'

Christian Wellness

As Christians we have to defend our health against the enemy! In this message Everett Roeth explains the practical steps

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