The Power of Vision

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Awhile back, I went horseback riding and the instructor told me that the horse will eventually go the direction the rider is constantly looking.¬† I believe that principle applies to our lives as well. What we constantly see – the images/thoughts of victory or defeat, success or failure, plenty or lack, prosperity or poverty – will eventually bring us to …

Why Bible?

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Through prayer we speak to God and through the Bible God speaks to us.¬† The Bible was given to us so that we can get to know God. When I first met Lana (my wife), she lived 3.5 hours from Tri-Cities, WA and we had to communicate through text. In just the first month of dating, I sent 9000 texts!¬† …

Jesus is our Sanctifier

Jesus is our Sanctifier

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This week continued in his series on Jesus with a message titled ,”Jesus is our Sanctifier”. In this message he distinguishes the differences between salvation and sanctification which we believe will challenge you to the take the next step with God. Here are the notes… Salvation is more than an escape from hell, it‚Äôs life in the kingdom of God.¬†(John …