Featured image for 'Untold Truth About Tithing'

Untold Truth About Tithing

Tithing is a topic that may be controversial in today’s church.Pastors, Christians, ministers, and all sorts of people have different

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Featured image for 'The Purpose of Promotion'

The Purpose of Promotion

Do you ever feel like you’re not being promoted in certain areas in your life? Have you been feeling ‘stuck’

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Featured image for 'How to Hear God’s Voice'

How to Hear God’s Voice

Are you struggling to hear God? Do you feel like He doesn’t speak to you or stopped? How do you

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Featured image for 'The Reality of Heaven'

The Reality of Heaven

There is a reality of Hell and there is a reality of Heaven. Is Heaven too good to be true?

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Featured image for 'By Faith We Understand'

By Faith We Understand

Where is your faith at? We all go through instances where our faith is shaken up. Many times throughout life,

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Featured image for 'Throw Tobiah Out'

Throw Tobiah Out

Pastor Vlad brings fresh revelation to a story in the Old Testament involving Tobiah and Nehemiah. He highlights the importance

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Featured image for 'Mind Wars'

Mind Wars

Mental health is a serious concern in today’s society. Thoughts run rampant, anxiety is at a high, and it’s hard

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Featured image for 'Overcoming an Orphan Spirit'

Overcoming an Orphan Spirit

Pastor Vlad shares a powerful message that will surely shatter strongholds in your life. Lies from the devil are to

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Featured image for 'Promise of the Father'

Promise of the Father

The Holy Spirit is the PROMISE of the Father. Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is our greatest gift from

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Featured image for 'Overcoming Financial Fears'

Overcoming Financial Fears

Do you have financial fears? What is the purpose of giving? Pastor Vlad shares a message that may answer questions

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Featured image for 'Deliverance is Essential'

Deliverance is Essential

Deliverance is ESSENTIAL today. It was yesterday and it will be tomorrow. Listen to this message as Pastor Vlad brings

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