The Key To A Blessed Life

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How God Speaks Today I want to tell you about the key to a blessed life. To live a blessed life is not something mysterious or abstract. It is measurable and tangible. The blessed life is a principle that if we embrace, understand and walk it out, we will live a life of blessing. A life of blessing can mean …

The Rewards Of Fasting

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Matthew 6:16-18 Fasting is scriptural. Many scriptures challenge us and God Himself instructs us to fast. There are multiple types of fast and fasting has a lot of rewards. Fasting is a much separating yourself unto something and separating yourself from something. When we fast, we separate ourselves to the Lord, spend time with the Lord, take spiritual food by …

The Rewards of Fasting

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Fasting is one of the keys to a believer’s life. We fast to humble ourselves and seek God wholeheartedly. With the decision to fast, there are also rewards! Pastor Ilya shares a message that is encouraging and highlights the rewards, physical and spiritual, of fasting. If you choose to fast, may God bless you on your journey with Him!

Do What You Can For God

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Matthew 20:1-7 says there is plenty of work for everybody. Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. It is ripe. It is ready but what is stopping the faster progress of the work of God on this earth is shortage of laborers. We have unlimited resources; the Bible says God gives His Spirit without measure. The …

The Great Rewarder

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God is the Great Rewarder. He rewards those who seek Him. Rewards don’t come to those who expect them, but those who diligently seek the Lord. He is unlike any other gods. He actually gives BACK to you when you give to Him.

Will President Trump be a 2-Term President?

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Disclosure: this is not a political post. It’s a discussion of prophetic predictions about this, 2020 election. As I’m watching what’s unfolding within this US election in recent days I am surprised at the outcome and have many thoughts racing through my head. NO, I am not surprised that Biden was prematurely declared as the next President-Elect. But what I …