Dismantling The New Age Deception

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Before sin, torment or suffering ever entered the world, deception did. The New Age is a very strong deception. I want to dismantle its main beliefs so you can know how to help those who are still stuck in it. SEVEN CORE BELIEFS OF NEW AGE  #1 Reincarnation, the belief that we live infinite lifetimes over and over until you …

Why You Should Believe In Heaven

Vladimir Savchuk Blog 3 Comments

Everybody wants to go to Heaven; nobody wants to die. The Bible uses the word Heaven about 532 times. I am going to share 5 main truths, wonders and things that might shock you about Heaven. FIVE MAIN TRUTHS 1. There is more than one Heaven – Genesis 1:1 – We believe there are three Heavens. The first is the …

Mary Before Martha

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It’s not about Mary VERSUS Martha. It’s about being Mary BEFORE Martha. What does that mean? It means you first are with the Lord before you serve – you minister to Him first. Corey Russell (Upperroom) shares a powerful message about being Mary before you are a Martha – that is the key to relationship with God!

Catch Me a Fish

Ben Fitzgerald Ben Fitzgerald, Faith, Identity, Inspiration, Jesus, Ministry, Purpose, Salvation, Sermons 1 Comment

If you’ve ever thought you’re not good enough for Jesus, think again. Ben Fitzgerald, leader of Awakening Europe, shares the powerful testimony of his life starting from his childhood to the point God encountered him and to where God has brought him now. Not only does Ben preach, but he truly ministers the heart of the Father as he speaks. …