Featured image for 'Dismantling The New Age Deception'

Dismantling The New Age Deception

Before sin, torment or suffering ever entered the world, deception did. The New Age is a very strong deception. I

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Featured image for 'Why You Should Believe In Heaven'

Why You Should Believe In Heaven

Everybody wants to go to Heaven; nobody wants to die. The Bible uses the word Heaven about 532 times. I

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Featured image for 'How to Desire Godly Things'

How to Desire Godly Things

The enemy has schemes that you might not be aware about. Listen to this sermon as Zack exposes the schemes

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Featured image for 'The Believers Arsenal'

The Believers Arsenal

Jacob shares an incredible message about the believer’s arsenal – our equipment for spiritual warfare. Listen as he goes into

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Featured image for 'Delivered for a Purpose'

Delivered for a Purpose

If you feel sorrow and sadness in your soul, or like your life is a continuous fall and don’t know

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Featured image for 'The Pursuit of His Presence'

The Pursuit of His Presence

Have you lost hope for your situation?Do you believe God can’t meet you where you’re at? Zack Parkhotyuk shares a

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Featured image for 'Mary Before Martha'

Mary Before Martha

It’s not about Mary VERSUS Martha. It’s about being Mary BEFORE Martha. What does that mean? It means you first

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Featured image for 'Yield Your Will'

Yield Your Will

God cares about the POSTURE of your heart 👀 God wants you to be REAL with Him 💯 Listen to

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Featured image for 'Catch Me a Fish'

Catch Me a Fish

If you’ve ever thought you’re not good enough for Jesus, think again. Ben Fitzgerald, leader of Awakening Europe, shares the

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Featured image for 'Powered by the Pentecost'

Powered by the Pentecost

Pastor Vlad shares a powerful message about the power of Holy Spirit and how we are called to walk with

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Featured image for 'Abandoned Well'

Abandoned Well

Pastor Vlad started new series “Digging Wells” where he explores how the enemy uses the cares of life to plug

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