The Purpose Of Promotion

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In Joshua 3:7 and 4:14, we see God’s promotion follows God’s process. There is a process to God’s promotion. I don’t mean when you get a raise at work, move to a nicer area or get a new car. We’re going to look at what promotion is according to the scripture. All of us want God to be involved in …

Divine Disruption

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Get ready for God to SHIFT your LIFE! Listen as Mike Signorelli shares his testimony and an encouraging word about God shifting your life and how God can do it. Let the wine of the Holy Spirit flow. Don’t exchange what God has given you for a temporary fix from the devil. When Satan comes to destroy your life, he …

7 Core Beliefs of New Age

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The New Age in a nutshell is ancient eastern religions blended with modern scientific discoveries to take people away from knowing the truth of Jesus Christ. The New Age deception is preparing the world for “tolerance” and “acceptance” of all religions to bring “peace” on the earth. In reality, the New Age is leading people away from knowing their Savior …

Truth About Hell

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One second after you die is too late. Heaven is not our default destination. There needs to be a purposeful act on our part to be saved. You have got to be certain about this. Don’t take a chance with your soul. If you are not certain, you can be certain.  God has given us a clear warning; there really …

Her Purpose Conference

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Join us at our annual Women’s Conference – Her Purpose. Come experience the tangible presence and the power of the Holy Spirit as He reveals His purpose for you! To register go to *All ages welcome. Time: Doors Open – 5:30 PM Start – 6 PM Speaker: Pastor Lana