Hope Is Born

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Christmas is a wonderful time. The Bible says to you a Savior is born. He wasn’t just born into the world; He was born to you and I individually. Matthew 1:21 says that He will save His people from their sins. We are His people but we still need saving. We are God’s creation but we still need redemption. The …

Don’t Die Like A Fool – Follow Jesus Christ!

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God is real; He exists and His name is Jesus. Jesus did not come to give us a holiday, He came to give us a holy life. Jesus came to give us eternal life. Jesus came to save His people from their sins and one day the issue will not be how you died but did you live your life …

Christmas is about the EMMANUEL

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Christmas is about MIRACLES. If you don’t believe in miracles, you might as well not believe in Christmas. EVERYTHING ABOUT CHRISTMAS IS SUPERNATURAL. The birth of John Baptist, the angels, the birth of Jesus, anywhere you look at Christmas story, you can’t help but see God’s mighty power intervening in the life of His people. Jesus at His birth was …

4 Lessons in Christmas

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Around 221 A.D. Sextus Julius Africanus Christianized the “day of the birth of the unconquered sun”, a popular holiday in the Roman Empire that identified December 25th as the birth of the Son of God, however, it is most likely that Jesus was not born on December 25th. Even though the culture has shifted the focus of Christmas towards Santa, …

Christmas at HungryGen

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We are so excited to host our annual Christmas Celebration. This year we have 9am, 11:30am, and 7pm worship experiences to choose from.   Growth Track – Step 4

Follow the Star

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“Wise men still seek Him” is one of my favorite sayings from the story of Jesus’ birth. Wise men from the East were seeking Jesus by following a star. This particular star was shining brighter than the rest of them. It did not move. It pointed to the Person. Wise men moved by following that star until they found this …