The Divinity of Jesus

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Why should we conform ourselves any longer to the image of the old humanity that is passing away? Let us become transformed into the new image born in us, growing in us—alive!

The Body and the Blood

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Nothing was safe or pretty about the crucifixion. Why then is our celebration of Communion so sanitized? Come experience Communion in a fresh, daring way, and see new beauty in the shame and pain.


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God is good. This is a cornerstone of right thinking. Because He is good He gives favor to all His children. The favor of God is built up for each of us behind the floodgates of heaven. Favor is a rate, not a quantity. It is a faucet, not a scale. Favor flows to the degree the gates are open.

Trinity of Fire

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God describes Himself as a consuming fire many places in the Bible, and we would do well to use the Bible’s own metaphors for Him. He knows how to describe Himself best.

The Treasure

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How much did God pay for you? Doesn’t He know what you’re worth? Do you think He would have paid such a crazy high price for you if there were any other way?

What Spirit Controls You?

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I was a preacher’s kid, and when my Dad went somewhere new, he always preached a stock sermon. I must have heard them all a hundred times. One sermon I will never forget was on living in the Spirit from Ephesians 5. When he got to verse 18, my childish ears would always perk up because I knew he was …

Who’s Your Daddy?

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One of my favorite memes about 2020 is that the events have played out like a story written by a 4th grader: “There was this virus. And everyone was scared. And then the world ran out of toilet paper, yeah, and then there was no school for like a month and then it snowed! But the craziness didn’t stop there: …

Quarantined but Not Bound!

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Imagine how the Apostle Paul must have felt: bound with iron manacles, he was imprisoned in a dungeon in a foreign country by his own people for the crime of preaching the Gospel. A Roman dungeon was a hole in the ground with a grate over the top. No one fed you unless the soldiers let your friends or family …

Prophecy for the Decade: Don’t Fear; Stay and Prosper

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Wars, rumors of wars, Corona virus, economic woes, political uncertainty… all these things scream at us to act out of fear. I don’t know how many times God’s Word has told us, “do not fear,” but it’s a bunch, and it still applies. So in this blog post, I’m going to share a prophetic word that God has revealed to …

Walking With God

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Starting this new year I decided to read through the Bible once again. Although I’ve read these same scriptures hundreds of times before, I’m always amazed by the old truths that the Holy Spirit reminds me of and the new truths He reveals. In Genesis, we have the account of God creating the universe, particularly the Earth, and especially mankind. …

Some Assembly Required

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God likes puzzles. You are one of them, and He wants to make you resemble His greatest work of art, the life of Jesus. It will take faith and patience on your part, but if you will keep looking to His design, He promises that you will become what He has designed.

How to Respond to Persecution

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Persecution is a sign that our message of the Gospel has hit the mark. We don’t seek persecution, but are we seeing the same result as the apostles saw? And our response to unjust persecution will reveal much about our motives and source of power.