Featured image for 'The Lord Will Fight for You'

The Lord Will Fight for You

Pharoah was pursuing the terrified children of Israel into the wilderness. They ran right up against the Red Sea and

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Featured image for 'The Gospel is God’s Undoing'

The Gospel is God’s Undoing

The Bible, if it is what it purports to be, has a unique advantage over all other books: It was

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Featured image for 'Eternal Perspective'

Eternal Perspective

Have you ever been to the mountains? Maybe as you were climbing one slope you thought the top was just

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Featured image for 'Easter and Infinity'

Easter and Infinity

It’s Good Friday as I write this, and if you don’t know Jesus personally, you might wonder what is so

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Featured image for 'The Bible and Science'

The Bible and Science

In today’s world, it’s important to justify everything we claim based on accepted truth. “Follow the science” has become the

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Featured image for 'Undoing by Being Undone'

Undoing by Being Undone

The Gospel is simply the message announcing the reunited kingdom of God. The kingdom was broken in the garden of

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Featured image for 'Just as Good as God'

Just as Good as God

If you don’t feel comfortable that you are just as good as God, it may be because you’ve tried and

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Featured image for 'Walk Free from Repeated Sin'

Walk Free from Repeated Sin

Brody suffers from many physical and psychological difficulties and he is under a doctor’s care with a number of medications.

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Featured image for 'Waiting for Breakthrough'

Waiting for Breakthrough

Prophecy can be a little tricky to understand sometimes. Once, I was given a word that my secular work and

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Featured image for 'More than Conquerors. Less than Perfect.'

More than Conquerors. Less than Perfect.

Here’s a lie I hear sometimes: “I’m so tired/depressed/sad/whatever that I can’t just go to church and put on a

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Featured image for 'The Divinity of Jesus'

The Divinity of Jesus

Why should we conform ourselves any longer to the image of the old humanity that is passing away? Let us

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Featured image for 'The Body and the Blood'

The Body and the Blood

Nothing was safe or pretty about the crucifixion. Why then is our celebration of Communion so sanitized? Come experience Communion

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