I’m Exhausted

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“I’m exhausted.” has been the most common line for many, in the year 2020, and it continues as we enter into 2021.Not only did the responsibilities increase in our own personal lives but the demands everywhere have doubled and become louder. As a follower of Christ, we are called to win souls and to make disciples. “Now wherever you go, …

Prophecy for the Decade: Don’t Fear; Stay and Prosper

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Wars, rumors of wars, Corona virus, economic woes, political uncertainty… all these things scream at us to act out of fear. I don’t know how many times God’s Word has told us, “do not fear,” but it’s a bunch, and it still applies. So in this blog post, I’m going to share a prophetic word that God has revealed to …

Some Assembly Required

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God likes puzzles. You are one of them, and He wants to make you resemble His greatest work of art, the life of Jesus. It will take faith and patience on your part, but if you will keep looking to His design, He promises that you will become what He has designed.