Mary Before Martha

Corey Russell Corey Russell, Purpose, Sermons, Serving, Speaker Leave a Comment

It’s not about Mary VERSUS Martha. It’s about being Mary BEFORE Martha. What does that mean? It means you first are with the Lord before you serve – you minister to Him first. Corey Russell (Upperroom) shares a powerful message about being Mary before you are a Martha – that is the key to relationship with God!

Running Errands

Running Errands

Rikhard Hartikainen Rikhard Hartikainen, Sermons, Serving, Speaker Leave a Comment

Pastor Rikhard shared a powerful message how Christianity is not just part time but full time. If we are to receive full time rewards we have to be full time Christians. He further explained it deeper how Samual ran errands for the prophet and how God used him for his glory.