Boy Dies. Mom Prays. Boy Comes Back To Life.

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Modern Day Resurrection On January 19th 2015, John Smith fell through ice and drowned. He was dead for over an hour. His mother walked into his room in the hospital and prayed, ‘Lord Jesus, bring my son back to life’ and instantly, John Smith came back to life. Just over two weeks later, John walked out of the hospital with …

Healing of Paralysis

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At the age of 17, something happened to Julia that changed her life forever. Julia was returning home from the mall with her friends when she suffered a disastrous car accident. The accident left her paralyzed in a wheelchair and with her jaw locked up so she couldn’t eat at all. They had to puree her food and feed her …

Miracle Catch

Miracle Catch

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Pastor Vlad preached a message on our vision and mission is people. He went to take example from the story when Peter went finish and the instructions Jesus gave them. He took few points from that’s story which we can learn how to catch the biggest miracle in our life and be able to handle it when it comes.