Deliverance Is Dangerous

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At the beginning of the church, deliverance was normal. It was normal in the life of Christ, normal in the Apostolic age and early church. Most people do not understand that. They think that we went from the Apostolic age to nothing in terms of healing and deliverance. One of the most dangerous statements ever uttered in the history of …

Deliverance is Dangerous

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Deliverance is dangerous, but not for the reasons you may be thinking.It is dangerous because you can’t help but changes your ways of behavior and thinking. Listen to this as Dr. Bob Larson shares a message that is sure to get you thinking deeper about deliverance as a lifestyle.

You’re Not Digging Deep Enough

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Hunger will bring a visitation but groaning will produce a habitation. The children of Israel hungered to get delivered for 400 years but it wasn’t until they started groaning that God showed up. For some of you, your deliverance can only be acquired when there is a perpetual intending – an aggressive effort in continuing to dig until you find …

Take The Battle Into The Spiritual Realm

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Deliverance has been demonized in the church and it’s time to deliver the demonized instead of demonizing deliverance. God wants to build maturity and strength in us. If you get delivered and you don’t get plugged into church you miss the point of your deliverance. This is to equip you to serve God in your local church. God is making …