The Rewards Of Fasting

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Matthew 6:16-18 Fasting is scriptural. Many scriptures challenge us and God Himself instructs us to fast. There are multiple types of fast and fasting has a lot of rewards. Fasting is a much separating yourself unto something and separating yourself from something. When we fast, we separate ourselves to the Lord, spend time with the Lord, take spiritual food by …

Deliverance Is Dangerous

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At the beginning of the church, deliverance was normal. It was normal in the life of Christ, normal in the Apostolic age and early church. Most people do not understand that. They think that we went from the Apostolic age to nothing in terms of healing and deliverance. One of the most dangerous statements ever uttered in the history of …

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

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Pastor Vlad finished his sermon series on “There is More” with a message titled “Rules of Engagement”. He began to speak on how many of us live in the spiritual world but only a few are engaged in spiritual warfare. That natural war kills people but spiritual war kills evil. He began to share the story of Joshua how God …

10 Tips to Overcome Spiritual Drought

10 Tips to Overcome Spiritual Drought

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We all will go through spiritual droughts, but they do not need to take over your life. Sometimes great victories are followed by great temptations. Even Jesus went through wilderness after great glory on the river Jordan. During Joseph time, 7 years of plenty quickly turned to 7 years of drought. In this post you will learn practical tips on …