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The Pace of Grace

What is the Pace of God’s Grace? Do you feel overwhelmed with different areas of your life? Maybe it’s with

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The Pace Of Grace

Genesis 33:13-14. I want to speak concerning the practical component of finding peace in the pace of life. We are

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The Supernatural Life

Evangelist and ex-cage fighter, Daniel Adams, shares his testimony. Daniels shares his testimony of forgiveness, redemption, and the grace of

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From Grind to Grace

Pastor Vlad closes our Embrace Grace Series with a much needed topic, “from Grind to Grace” where #nodaysoff are a

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By the Grace of God

By the Grace of God

We live everyday by the grace of God. We receive forgiveness according to the riches of God’s grace, grace drives

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Increase in Grace

This week, Pastor Ilya Parkhotyuk shares a message about how the increase of grace over writes every limitation and pattern

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