The Joke’s on Him

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What if I were to tell you that you have enormous potential, skills, abilities, and promises you still haven’t even tapped into?

Reset 2020

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I was listening to an incredible interview between T.D. Jakes and Steven Furtick a few weeks back, and T.D. Jakes shared many thoughts that were compelling, but the one thought that struck a chord in me the most was ”one must study his life.” He continued on to say ” I look at my life. I look at my wife. …

Becoming a Grateful Person

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I’m sure this is the 100th blogpost you came across about Gratitude, since Thanksgiving just happened a few weeks ago and we all had to stay true to the Holiday that focuses in giving thanks for everything you truly are blessed with. However,  being grateful shouldn’t be a once a year occurrence or the only time to really consider how much you should …

Lonely and Married

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Isaiah 54:5-6 “For your Creator will be your husband…” I know the title captured you and that’s why you are here. Feeling lonely in marriage seems like a paradox. Saying “I do,” to a life long partnership, should automatically mean you’ll never be alone again. Building a life side by side, for better or for worse, it meant together. However, …

Shameless Persistence

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A funny story of persistence happened to me that I want to share with you that will inspire you to continue persisting in prayer. I recently moved into my new home and of course moving into a new home means a new address. I purchased a few items for myself and accidentally selected my old address. It was evident when …

The Lord Who Rescued Me

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Have you ever felt overlooked? Picked at or picked apart? Bullied, criticized and even ridiculed? Insecure people are gossiping about you and bored people are spreading it around. Now it’s getting to you, and people’s disbelief has now become your truth. If you can relate to any of these experiences I just listed, this blog post is for you. As …

My Dearest Friend

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As Jimmy Evans often says, “the greatest needs in a man is respect, sex, friendship with his wife, and domestic support.” You might have read that in a book or heard it in a podcast a few times, but I want to remind you how truly invaluable it is on being a friend to your spouse. I want to express …

3 Signs of a Leader Worth Following

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Many of us seek for growth and to be constantly improving one self. The problem is many believe they can do it on their own. There is no such thing as a self made man. If you read anything about a successful minister, business man/women, you will discover one facet, they had a mentor(s). In order to achieve or see …