The Pace Of Grace

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Genesis 33:13-14. I want to speak concerning the practical component of finding peace in the pace of life. We are either led or we are driven. If we are not led by the Spirit, we will be driven by the flesh. Being driven is actually unhealthy. In the scripture, God drove enemies out. He never drove His children; He led …

Divine Disruption

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Get ready for God to SHIFT your LIFE! Listen as Mike Signorelli shares his testimony and an encouraging word about God shifting your life and how God can do it. Let the wine of the Holy Spirit flow. Don’t exchange what God has given you for a temporary fix from the devil. When Satan comes to destroy your life, he …

Divine Disruption

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Has anybody ever been in a divine disruption where you can definitively say there was my life before that moment and after that moment? A young man named Joseph was disrupted divinely by a dream. There’s a young man, David who was divinely disrupted by a giant-sized opportunity. Then, you’ve got Jonah. Do you know how hard it is to …

Keep The Lord In God

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I want you to see the beginning of the temptation in Genesis 3:1. The devil asked, ‘Has God said?’ He took ‘the Lord’ out. How did Eve respond? She took ‘the Lord’ out as well. Before Eve fell to the temptation and ate the fruit, she stepped out from the Lordship of her God. Keep The Lord In God. Satan …

Ways To Start Hearing God

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Christianity is not a religion, it is a revelation. And what makes it a revelation is that our God is a living, speaking God and a Person who wants to be a Friend. Jesus called Him a Father and said we should address Him in this way.  I will contrast between David and Saul to glean some practical truths on …

Template on Dealing With Loss

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There is no way you can pass through this life without loss. Loss is not just loss of life. There are people today going through a loss in business, relationships, opportunities or in another area that feels painful and challenging. A lot of us want the tools of how to win in life but I will share with you the …

Throw Tobiah Out

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Nehemiah 2:10, 19, when Nehemiah went to Jerusalem, he met Tobiah, a governor placed by the King of Persia, who was frustrated that Nehemiah wanted to do good for the nation of Israel. I believe that the attitude and spirit of Tobiah still exists today. He is a perfect comparison to the activity of a demon today. Tobiah spent most …

The Joke’s on Him

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What if I were to tell you that you have enormous potential, skills, abilities, and promises you still haven’t even tapped into?