The Joke’s on Him

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What if I were to tell you that you have enormous potential, skills, abilities, and promises you still haven’t even tapped into?

Worship Leaders: God and Your Gift

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When I was a little girl I dreamed of singing for thousands of people on the biggest stages and traveling all around the world. Despite my tendency to be shy at times, I was still thrilled and often overwhelmed with elaborate daydreams of being a great entertainer for all to see and enjoy. However, throughout my life the Lord has …

Jesus. Man? God? Messiah? Something else?

Jesus. Man? God? Messiah? Something else?

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Jesus must be the perfect unity of God and man for Christianity to be possible. He had all of the frailty of human life combined with the approval and blessing of God as his Son. Like each of us, He had a physical body that was born from His mother and grew with age. This body grew tired, hungry, and …

Who Created God?

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“If God made everything, then who made God?” This is a question I often I hear from skeptics early in our conversation. As is often the case in these conversations, this question presupposes its own answer, and that is the whole problem with this line of thinking. To answer, we have to do what Jesus did, and answer the root of the question before answering the question itself.