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Passing The Test

How Do I Pass God’s Test? Genesis 49:22 – “And Joseph is a fruitful vine by a well. His branches

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Deserts And Gardens

Understanding The Wilderness Experience People misinterpret the wilderness experiences that they go through. Have you been through a wilderness experience

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Pay With Attention

Pastor Vlad brings truth about how valuable our attention is and shares practical steps on redirecting our focus to God

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Shift in Focus

In this message, Matt Cruz talks about what focus looks like for a believer and he answers the question, “Why

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Becoming by Beholding

Pastor Slavik continues the sermon series, “Digging Wells” and speaks on focusing our attention on God and allowing Him to

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Full of It

Pastor Vlad continues the sermon series “Towels & Titles” where He speaks about being Full of the Holy Spirit. Pastor

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Rightful Focus

This weekend, Apostle John Chi shares with a message from his heart during our annual Raised to Deliver Conference.

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