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Are you wondering how to pray or what to pray for? You are not alone! Disciples asked Jesus the same question. Prayer is communication between the Father and His children. Just as communication can’t exist without a relationship, so can’t prayer. Something we can learn is that to have effective prayer, we need to improve our communication.

"To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing." Martin Luther Click To Tweet

According to Matthew 7:7, prayer has to have 3 parts to it:
Seek – it deals with DEVOTION. It’s when we seek God’s presence.
Ask – it deals with PETITION. This is when we ask for our requests.
Knock – it deals with INTERCESSION. This is when we wage war on behalf of souls for salvation.

Prayer is like a triangle made up of these 3 corners. I find many people don’t make room for all these angles in prayer therefore their prayers are not very effective.

Our prayer should be spontaneous and strategic at the same time. Click To Tweet

Here is a list of prayer points that we practice here at Hungry Generation, both in our personal and our public prayer meetings. It’s taken from the Model of Prayer that Jesus set for His followers.

This is a Path for Prayer you can use in your prayer time!

  1. Thanksgiving and praise (Our Father, hallowed be Your Name)
    Father, I thank You for the salvation of my soul, for the power of the blood of Jesus, for giving me Your living word, and for sending Your Holy Spirit into my heart.
    Father, I thank You for giving me good health, family, church, purpose, and friends.
    Father, I worship You for You are holy, good, powerful, faithful, merciful, slow to anger, and very forgiving.
    Father, I exalt Your Name as a Healer, Savior, Redeemer, Restorer, Sanctifier, Deliverer, Prince of Peace, King of kings, and Lord of lords.
  2. Confess your sins (Forgive us our debts)
    Lord, have mercy on me and let Your mercy and favor speak for me.
    Father, forgive me for all my sin: inaction, thought, or attitude.
    Jesus, wash my conscience with Your precious blood.
    I choose to forgive those who have offended me or sinned against me.
  3. Confess who you are in Christ
    I thank you for Your promises concerning me: That I am forgiven, accepted, saved, redeemed, delivered, and healed.
    I am a new creation in Jesus. I am seated in heavenly places. I am a royal priesthood. I am a chosen generation.
    I can do all things through Christ. I am no longer condemned. My past is over.
  4. Fellowship with the Holy Spirit
    Oh Holy Spirit, give me more of You and take more of Me.
    Oh Holy Spirit, teach me Your Word, empower me for Your task, reveal to Me Jesus, and fill me with Your strength.
    Oh Holy Spirit, activate Your gifts in me and use me to touch others by Your power.
  5. Pray for the World (Let Your Kingdom come)
    Lord, let Your kingdom come to the whole world, bring salvation to the 10/40 window, and the nations who don’t know Jesus. We pray for nations like North Korea to be opened for the message of Jesus.
    Lord, let Your kingdom come to Israel and bring peace and prosperity to Jerusalem.
    Lord, let Your kingdom come to my nation and touch our president and our government. Protect our country. Deliver us from the bloodshed of abortion and immorality.
    Lord, we pray for all believers around the world who are being persecuted right now for their faith.
    Lord, we pray for all ministers and ministries around the world, and that you will bless your church.
    Lord, let Your Kingdom come to my city. We pray for peace, prosperity and salvation of our region. We come against spirits behind drugs, false religion, abortion, human trafficking and violence to be brought down in Jesus’ name.
  6. Pray for your local Church (Your will be done)
    Lord, it’s Your will to save people. We pray for salvation to happen every service and every day. We pray for thousands to be saved in our church every year.
    Lord, it’s Your will to heal people. We pray for emotional and physical healing for those who are all who are in pain. We pray against heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and kidney disease.
    Lord, it’s Your will to deliver people. We pray for freedom from the spirit of fear, the spirit of bondage, the spirit of death, the spirit of infirmity, the spirit of deception, the spirit of heaviness, the deaf and dumb spirit, and every spirit of python. We claim freedom from generational curses, cast curses, and earned curses. Let Your anointing expose and expel evil spirits.
    Lord, it’s Your will to prosper people. We pray for the finances of our people and our church. We pray for businesses to prosper.
    Lord, it’s Your will to see strong families. We pray for marriages and families.
    We pray for all volunteers and our pastors to be anointed with strength from the Holy Spirit.
  7. Pray for your personal requests (Give us our daily bread)
    Lord Jesus, I pray for my financial needs. For jobs and better jobs, raises and bonuses, benefits, sales and commissions, favorable settlements, estates and inheritances, interests and income, rebates and returns, checks in the mail, gifts and surprises, finding money, debts paid off, expenses decrease, blessing and increase.
    Thank You, Lord, for meeting all of my financial needs that I may have more than enough to give into the Kingdom of God and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Lead me not into temptation this day but deliver me from all evil.
    I pray for my friends and family members to come to know Jesus.

This is a short pattern that we use for our personal and public prayer. You may use it as well so that your prayer is both structured and Spirit led. Commit to praying this year like never before.

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“A man is greater than his prayer life. The pastor who is not praying is playing. The people who are not praying are straying. We have many organizers. But few agonizes. Few wrestlers and many fears and very few tears. A lot of fashion and little passion and interferers, few intercessors, and many writers but very few fighters. A sinning man will stop praying and a praying man will stop sinning. Our accent is on playing theirs was on praying. When we have paid the place it’s taken, when they had prayed the place it was shaken. We are so earthly minded we are of no heavenly use.” Leonardo Ravenhill

These are my prayer points, what are yours? Do you follow a pattern during prayer?

This blog was written by Vladimir Savchuk.

Pastor Vlad is the lead pastor of Hungry Generation Church, an author of “Break Free” and “Single, Ready to Mingle” and a founder of free online school “Vlad’s School.” To download free e-books, sermon series, small group study guides go to

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  1. Thank you for all your videos pastor vlad. I have watched all of them, You have inspired me to stay close to God. I am growing spiritually everyday. My wife and i are struggling for the past few months to stay together. She wanted to divorce me, but is still with me, also seeking God’s plan now. I have fought 3 times for her and the past week have been very difficult. I do lots of intercessory for my marriage, and i know that God is with me each step. Listening to your podcasts gives me new hope and encourages me to keep to Gods will, it also makes me change my strategies for warfare.

  2. Thank you so much. I’m fasting and that prayer help me a lot. I find in this prayer new thing for I never pray before. God bless you pastor Vlad

  3. Good morning Postor Savchuk. Its the first time today I see your videos and teachings. I am very much inspired and thankful. I watch a lot of teachings on relationship with God as I thirstily seek God in my life. Thank you very much and may God continue to bless you and your family. continue to be light and salt of the earth. JESUS I MY LIFE AND SAVIOUR AND I AM ERTENALY GREATFUL AND SURRENDER MY ALL TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. I sometimes find myself tired or frustrated and feeling sorry for myself and this sometimes demotivates me and I struggle to pray even though I know how merciful and loving God is to me. please keep me especially my mom and siblings in your prayers.

  4. God bless you Pastor Vlad. You are such a blessing to enrich us with your knowledge of God. God bless you and give you the wisdom like Solomon’s. Thank you for all your teaching. That is the bread for our souls

  5. Can you explain “and every spirit of python” I have never heard of this before? Is this mentioned somewhere in the Bible?


  7. I have a spiritual husband and stagnation and set backs, grandma with pressure and a father addicted to smoking and now has a lung problem, please pray for my deliverance in the name of Jesus. Am Brenda from Uganda

  8. Good morning, pastor.
    I need your prayer to God for me as i am in need for heaing hypertension, diabetes and sciatica. May God bless you !

  9. Please pray for my freedom. I have been dealing with aliens. Yes I’m positive and now it’s been almost 3 years. They do experiments on me and injections several times. If I roll over to get away, they will sink me into my mattress and inject me with seven at a time and three or four times happened. It changed my female parts and have had me carry their babies three different times with four babies each time. I was in love with the first one named Victor for two years. I have not had sex in 13 years except with them. I thought he was a blessing from God. Later he left and I was with a few other ones, until one night my boyfriend of 4.5 years came over and I gave him oral sex. Since then, I am abused every night. They come in my room threw an opening that glows a design on my wall and I see people come in and walk to the other same type opening and leave, they don’t hurt me- they are seen by me in 3 dimensional view and they come and walk to me, turn and exit- they don’t hurt me. The aliens found my faith growing and hate it when I pray, like they get angry, then I knew this was not from God. I pray, break covenants and chains, but this continues. I’ve been single since my ex husband tried to kill me and then when he was released from prison, he killed his next girlfriend. That is my daughters father and she is now 17. I have not had intercourse with a man 13 years and I have a boyfriend now 4 years but I have not had sec with him. Since that night I did oral sex with my boyfriend they became evil and they now attack me every night. They cut off my clitoris hood every night and closed up my anus so I can no longer poop. I’ve been constantly impacted and have had to physically remove my stool. I think I punctured threw my vaginal wall to my anus last night because I’m bleeding only one side of a tampax and it’s all blood and brown. I’m chronic pain and have a spinal cord stimulator implant and another one in my neck. They would get control of the machines and massage me so sweetly and take away my pain, but not since that happened with my boyfriend who lives 2.5 hours away and I might see him every few months, we dated when I was 21-24 and then the last four years and I am 49 now. These are not demons- they change my body and my cervix has changed and it has changed the way I look. They put black pustules all over my vagina, turned it black and then added more tissue and pustules to close up my anus. It’s so painful. I have not used my therapy because they control it and focus all of the electricity on my vagina and anus. I’m desperate and have had a strongman take over my life After my mother passed away four years ago. They did mid evil type torture to me every night. He would come every night and it didn’t matter if I was in the living room or in my bedroom I would become paralyzed and they put snakes in me. I went to Bethesda at church and immediately I was healed and then I turned myself to God and my Jesus and got baptized Christian, I was raised Catholic I didn’t like it because there was not a relationship there with Jesus. I am beggingTo be free again from the chains and the pain and the terror and the changes to my body. I do believe I have a spirit husband Who prevents me from having a successful loving relationship and I really wish I would be married and I wanted a husband so bad. My faith was weakened and I prayed to God that he made me these amazing sex organs and would he please send me a husband or sex when this happened but also, my sister is a witch and she did some kind of body clearing exercise and that’s also when this began. I prayed to break off any witchcraft I have. I’m so depressed, I’m in bed all day and procrastinate so bad that my home is being foreclosed on and I’m disabled from back and neck injuries. I’m turning to Jesus to please help me. I saw today the zoom meeting and loved it- I really need deliverance. As soon as the zoom call ended, I actually went and pooped out 10 or so hard balls of stuck poop. I poop once every few weeks when I have to physically remove impacted feces because my anus is shut closed, and they are doing it now. I can feel them on my bed with me, under me and when they we’re giving me series of injections and if I would turn away they would bend my mattress down where I lay and then stick me with all the needles, they changed my DNA, they changed the way my vagina looks and changed The way my cervix is because there are these thin pieces of skin that now come out of my vaginal opening and if I touch one it will pull back and remove itself from my fingers and it’s alive and it’s taking care of the babies they keep putting inside of me. I have had three rounds of babies,four of them inside me each time. They listen to my thoughts I can communicate with them through my mind and I feel as though their goal is to block my ability to connect to my Jesus and my father God. They get angry at me when I pray and they are constantly confusing me and I don’t remember what I am praying or what I’m talking about in midsentence and so they’re controlling my mind but I’m pushing to Jesus and my father God I need help. Please may I be included and your next deliverance online zoom. I know this sounds crazy and that’s why I told my OB/GYN that I was having issues and I felt things moving around in my vagina and she looked but she didn’t believe me. She later called me and asked me to go to therapy. I have already done a good seven years of solid therapy after I had PTSD from the attempted murder, I understand therapy. These aliens are not demonic, evil they may be, they are brilliant when it comes to doing things to my body. They are intent on continuing to change my dna and experiments on me. It’s been. 3 years and all I wanted from them was love, I got love until the night I had oral sex with my boyfriend, now nightly I am abused. I have no one to tell that won’t think I’m crazy, I tried with my dr and got no where. However we did an ultrasound and they found a fibroid that’s somewhat big- takes up the top right quadrant of my incomplete cervix. I have appts with GI dr and Obgyn surgeon to remove the fibroid and maybe cut off the new growths on my vagina. I’m sorry if this seems graphic, it’s my life and it’s facts. I would like to know if you have encountered such things in any other person. It’s not succubus or incubus, it’s not a spirit- they are aliens. I had one that I liked very much and he would put glowing green lights on my tree and every night he would bring more and more, the most lights that Trevor did was 23 on my tree and it would make me so happy- he was showing me he was there with me. Anthony came after and the abuse began. Please pray over me and help me get right with Jesus so he will save me. The aliens hate Fathet God, they hate Jesus, they get angry when I pray and block me , they put something over my head, wraps all around my head and I know it’s intention is to block my prayers so I ask ministering angels to bring my prayers every day to Jesus and leave my prayers for him at the foot of the Cross and give to my Father God so they get my prayers. There is technology with them, however they have used mid evil type punishments to me as well. They say they are thousands years old and want to bring the babies back to their planet to their wives. I ask questions and say to pinch my ear if it’s NO, or pinch my nipple if the answer is yes and that is how I communicate with them

    1. I will pray for you Debra.

      God is more powerful than anything or anyone we may be tempted to be afraid of. Be persistent in your prayers. Ask for deliverance in the name of Jesus. Say to these presence that anything or anyone trying to separate you from God is rebuked. Put God first in your life and let no one deceive you. Ask your Helper, the Holy Spirit for guidance and to increase your Faith in God. Repent from your sins, improve your relationship with God by praying and get closer to other believers. You are never alone and God loves you more than you can possibly imagine. Aliens or demons – no one has the right to antagonize you. Trust God for strength- you need the courage to fight back. Do not fear and say “In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave me and my place immediately, go to the abyss and hurt no one else on the way. I renonce anything that invites your presence and Jesus rebukes you! Go away, now!” You will find peace. Be consistent.

      Praise God and believe in Him to support you unconditionally.

  10. Hi there my name is Sonu. I was wondering if you guys can please pray for my husband his name is Aman. I’m not Christian but I truly believe in Jesus Christ. My husband has been doing drugs he smokes and drinks a lot of alcohol. He gets very aggressive too the point he starts to yell and sometimes can get a bit abusive. When he drinks and does drugs his eye get so red and he’s looks so scary. I just want to protect my small children. I honestly feel like the devil is controlling his life. He was in a pretty bad accident that all most killed him in July. And I know his accident had everything to do with the devil. My husband is bipolar, he is very aggressive, doesn’t have patients, deals with depression. Please pray for my family. I have been having a-lot of issues with my body as well, my back hurts, my right knee has arthritis I have pain in my chest, stomach pain, left ear had been blocked for years, pain in my forehead then my eyes start to hurt and I get head aches. I have depression, negativity in my life. Please pray for my children they are slow in reading and writing. Please pray for my family 🙏🏽 God bless

  11. Hello Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
    Please pray for my niece, Olivia, who has been sick with covid. She went to the ER today and is back home, but still has a fever and other symptoms. She’s also a diabetic. God’s grace is moving through Olivia’s life in Jesus’ mighty name.
    Thanks and God bless!

  12. Thank you
    I have had a knee replacement 3 yes ago and not healed yet.

    My discs on the spine is degenerating so fast .
    I had spinal fusion 21 years ago.
    Now the lower spine is troubling so bad that sciatic nerves are hurting on both sides.
    I cannot sit or sleep on my sides.I
    I am in constant pain.
    Dr’s.said the only way out is another op.a spine fusion and also for the sciatic nerves.
    Please pray for me.

    I Trust GOD S word and not the Dr’s word.

  13. Dear paster Vlad .
    In 2018 I got shot in my back and the bullet damaged my spinalcord .
    I am paralyzed from my bellybutton downwards, I also have severe pain in the left side of my tummy which the doctors cannot explain.
    I am 62 and my brother is 67 who is taking care of me.
    My brother has severe back pain and numbness in his legs.
    Please will be so kind and pray that LORD JESUS will heal us.
    We truly believe LORD JESUS will heal us.
    May GOD bless you in all ways.
    Thank you

  14. I follow seven steps of prayer :
    1.Mindfullness(imagining god is infront of us and looking into him with peace of mind for what he is !)
    2.forgiveness(our sins etc…)
    a.for all people
    b.for nation (daily one nation)
    c.personal etc..
    7.Discovering god (upto now i talked with him now he will talk with us )
    I do a small prayer, lord,speak to me and speak to all !lord,visible to me and visible to all ,amen
    *He will talk with us in person ,how he talked with Adam in eden garden*
    In this no thoughts should come whether it is good or bad wont acquire quick but it takes time …with god everything is possible ….trust in him , amen!
    This is the 7 steps prayer anyone can follow …you will see great blessings and by doing this withcraft and curses will be gone,every sickness,every stumbling blocks etc….

  15. I have been tremendously blessed with reading about the Holy Spirit. I want to know more and it’s clear that I can get more from what you’ve written. Thank you.

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