Praying Church

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Corey Russell from Upperroom shares a beautiful sermon about the rise of a Praying Church. Long gone are the days of Sunday Christians – the wineskins are changing and there is a great REFORMATION happening! No more plastic/shallow Christianity – the Bride of Christ is being risen this very moment. The Church is being transformed as we know it! 🕊🙏

Covid-19 Update

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We will continue to have in-door services (9 am / 11:30 am) as well as stream both services to YouTube and Zoom. Safety measures we are taking:  1. Those who have had contact with a known Covid-19 confirmed case or who have flu symptoms should stay at home and self-quarantine.  2. Those planning to come to church are advised to …

Worship Basics and Fundamentals

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I am incredibly excited to be sharing about HungryGen Worship with you all today. I hope that after reading this passage you may be able to understand a little bit about what we do and why we do it. HungryGen Worship is the musical extension of HungryGen Church. We operate under the vision of the church and our pastors to …