Featured image for 'Divine Disruption'

Divine Disruption

Has anybody ever been in a divine disruption where you can definitively say there was my life before that moment

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Featured image for 'Healing of Colorblindness'

Healing of Colorblindness

Her hands trembled. A sense of dread seemed to nail her to the seat in her car as a police

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Featured image for 'Promise of the Father'

Promise of the Father

The Holy Spirit is the PROMISE of the Father. Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is our greatest gift from

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Featured image for 'Not What I Expected'

Not What I Expected

What do you do when all hope is lost? Sometimes our expectations can lead us to disappointment. You may be

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Featured image for 'Walk in His Promise'

Walk in His Promise

We all have had times where we were waiting on God to fulfill a promise He gave us. Liliya Savchuk

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Featured image for 'The Great Rewarder'

The Great Rewarder

God is the Great Rewarder. He rewards those who seek Him. Rewards don’t come to those who expect them, but

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Featured image for 'Defeating the Idle Mind'

Defeating the Idle Mind

The idle mind is becoming present in the time of staying home, it is important that we keep our eyes

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Featured image for 'The Power of Vision'

The Power of Vision

Awhile back, I went horseback riding and the instructor told me that the horse will eventually go the direction the

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Featured image for 'Believer’s Authority'

Believer’s Authority

This week, Evangelist Rikhard Hartikainen shares a powerful message titled, “Believer’s Authority” where he implores us believers to not let

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Faithful God

Faithful God

This week Pastor Ilya delivers a message titled, “Faithful God” where he reminds the congregation to lean into God’s promises

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Featured image for 'The Shift of Seasons'

The Shift of Seasons

This week, Pastor Vlad shares a message about a seasonal shift. We shouldn’t linger in our season as if it

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Featured image for 'Unlikely Heroes'

Unlikely Heroes

This week, Vlad Savchuk shares a message on having a vision. Let go and let God. Give God wants us

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