Truth About Hell

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One second after you die is too late. Heaven is not our default destination. There needs to be a purposeful act on our part to be saved. You have got to be certain about this. Don’t take a chance with your soul. If you are not certain, you can be certain.  God has given us a clear warning; there really …

Quarantined but Not Bound!

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Imagine how the Apostle Paul must have felt: bound with iron manacles, he was imprisoned in a dungeon in a foreign country by his own people for the crime of preaching the Gospel. A Roman dungeon was a hole in the ground with a grate over the top. No one fed you unless the soldiers let your friends or family …

How to Respond to Persecution

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Persecution is a sign that our message of the Gospel has hit the mark. We don’t seek persecution, but are we seeing the same result as the apostles saw? And our response to unjust persecution will reveal much about our motives and source of power.

The Forceful Advance of the Kingdom

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“I assure you: Among those born of women no one greater than John the Baptist has appeared, but the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. 12From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been suffering violence [or forcefully advancing], and the violent have been seizing it by force.” Matthew 11:11-12 …

First Time Guest

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Anticipation? Expectation? A little bit of nausea? A combination of the three? Someone visiting your church for the first time can experience a wide variety of feelings and emotions as they enter the unknown area. Creating an inviting and warm experience for first- time guest before, during, and after services and events is important. Be sensitive to the visitors and …

10 Tips to Be Effective on Social Media for Ministries

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As of April 2018, the total worldwide population is 7.6 billion. The internet has 4.2 billion users and there are 3.03 billion active social media users. 81% of all small and medium businesses are using some kind of social media platform. Internet users have an average of 7.6 social media accounts. Social media users grew by 121 million between Q2 …

Hiding the Miracles

Hiding the Miracles

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At Hungry Generation we put a lot of emphasis on the supernatural. But the natural inclination is to be respectable and downplay God’s power when it is too amazing for our comfort. Consided these verses: Mark 16:8 (HCSB) So [the women] went out and started running from the tomb, because trembling and astonishment overwhelmed them. And they said nothing to …