7 Core Beliefs of New Age

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The New Age in a nutshell is ancient eastern religions blended with modern scientific discoveries to take people away from knowing the truth of Jesus Christ. The New Age deception is preparing the world for “tolerance” and “acceptance” of all religions to bring “peace” on the earth. In reality, the New Age is leading people away from knowing their Savior …

Do Rocks Lie?

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This is the second article in the series titled, “Fossils and Dating and Rocks, Oh My!” Last time I talked about the most common method scientists use to date ancient objects, radioactive carbon (14C) dating. Because carbon dating depends on objective measurements, observations of the environment, and math, many people are very confident that the long ages claimed by measuring …

Fossils and dating and rocks, oh my! (Part 1)

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How do we know the age of the Earth? The Bible has records that show about a 6,000-year history back to the beginning. But for the evolutionist, billions of years is the assumption. Ask an evolutionist how he knows the Earth is this old and he will probably tell you something about fossils, rocks, and dating methods. Yet in most …

Why Christians must not be Evolutionists

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Many people I talk to tell me they believe in God, and many are actually Christians. They have accepted that Jesus is the only way to God and have given Him their lives. But sometimes people haven’t given God their minds, especially when it comes to science and origins. Is it okay to believe the Bible and subscribe to evolution, …

Who Created God?

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“If God made everything, then who made God?” This is a question I often I hear from skeptics early in our conversation. As is often the case in these conversations, this question presupposes its own answer, and that is the whole problem with this line of thinking. To answer, we have to do what Jesus did, and answer the root of the question before answering the question itself.