Hidden In Christ

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Hidden in Christ Seasons are beyond valuable to growth as a Christian. There are seasons where you‚Äôre overwhelmed by your blessings and opportunities are getting handed to you left and right and you‚Äôre flourishing in your social life but just like the seasons of nature, the rain of spring and the blossoms of summer must turn into the dying leaves …

7 Steps to Renew Your Mind

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The Apostle Paul said in Romans 12:2 that we are transformed by the renewing of the mind. Many of us think that once our life is transformed, then our mind will be renewed. It is actually the other way around. When we were born, most of us came out of the womb, and into this world, head first. If you …

Мышление Миссионера

–ú—ã—à–ª–µ–Ω–∏–µ –ú–∏—Å—Å–∏–æ–Ω–µ—Ä–∞

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–ü–∞—Å—Ç–æ—Ä –í–ª–∞–¥ –ø—Ä–æ–ø–æ–≤–µ–¥–æ–≤–∞–ª —Å–∏–ª—å–Ω–æ–µ —Å–ª–æ–≤–æ –æ –º–∏—Å—Å–∏–∏ —Ü–µ—Ä–∫–≤–∏ —á—Ç–æ–±—ã —Å–ø–∞—Å–∞—Ç—å –ø–æ—Ç–µ—Ä—è–Ω–Ω—ã—Ö –ª—é–¥–µ–π. B –°–µ–≤–µ—Ä–Ω–æ–π –ö–∞—Ä–æ–ª–∏–Ω–µ, –¶–µ—Ä–∫–æ–≤—å –î–æ–º –ë–æ–≥–∞. –ü–æ–∑–≤–æ–ª—å –î—É—Ö—É –°–≤—è—Ç–æ–º—É –≤–ª–æ–∂–∏—Ç—å –≤ —Ç–µ–±—è –Ω–æ–≤—É—é —Å—Ç—Ä–∞—Å—Ç—å –∑–∞–≤–æ–µ–≤—ã–≤–∞—Ç—å –¥—É—à–∏ –≤–æ –≤—Ä–µ–º—è –ø—Ä–æ—Å–º–æ—Ç—Ä–∞ —ç—Ç–æ–π –ø—Ä–æ–ø–æ–≤–µ–¥–∏.

The Power of Vision

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Awhile back, I went horseback riding and the instructor told me that the horse will eventually go the direction the rider is constantly looking.¬† I believe that principle applies to our lives as well. What we constantly see – the images/thoughts of victory or defeat, success or failure, plenty or lack, prosperity or poverty – will eventually bring us to …