3 Signs of a Leader Worth Following

Many of us seek for growth and to be constantly improving one self. The problem is many believe they can do it on their own. There is no such thing as a self made man. If you read anything about a successful minister, business man/women, you will discover one facet, they had a mentor(s).

In order to achieve or see growth in our lives, we must also choose wisely who will guide us. What character traits of a leader is worth following? Here are 3 that I consider most valuable, but does not mean they are the only traits.

1. Servanthood

Find me some one who can serve others, and you will find a great person. (Matthew 23:11 “and the greatest among you will be your servant.”) It’s easy to be in the front with talent, but it’s difficult to be hidden and not always recognized and getting your hands dirty with people’s problems. When someone serves, there heart is always conditioned to be pure. Serving is thinking about “how can I better this person’s life? What value can I bring to this person.” When a leader is looking to be served they are looking for ” how can this person better my reputation? What value will they bring me.” Lastly, it’s the characteristic of our Lord Jesus Christ, as it says in Matthew 20:28 “like the son of man, did not come to be served but to serve.”

2.  A Great Listener

I couldn’t emphasize this enough. Over 12 years of ministering to girls of different ages, this has to be one of the most important. Not just in ministers but in any relationship you are in. A true leader with an open ear is a person with a heart of compassion. A person that will listen first before speaking, removes a possibility of assumption, misunderstanding and judgement. How many times I’ve seen relationships and leaders reputation ruined because they jumped the gun. They were too eager to give “their advise,” that they didn’t wait on the advise of the Holy Spirit. We must listen before we speak.

3. Trustworthy

Lastly, trust equals time. It takes time to build trust. It must be proven. When a person gives themselves and trust a leader/mentor with their heart and lives, they want to know if you are trustworthy. People always seek for safety, when wounded or in a difficult situation. They want to know, can you be trusted? Will you keep their information to yourself? Or will it be exposed to others? Trust is what relationships are built on, and if you want to build your influence trust must be present.

May these characteristics challenge you today to continue growing in your influence and making an impact in this generation.

Blog by Mariana Parkhotyuk
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